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About Boxercise
Boxercise started 20 years ago and almost immediately became known as the world's leading boxing fitness training provider. Boxercise runs hundreds of Boxercise training courses a year, training thousands of fitness instructors, teachers and PTIs. There are now 2.1 million people participating in Boxercise classes and to date Boxercise have 20,000+ people who have qualified as instructors.
About The Founder Of Boxercise
Andy Wake is the founder of Boxercise and for the last 23 years he's been on the forefront of the fitness industry. 

Thanks to Boxercise and the 20,000+ Instructors, people from around the world are regaining their fitness, overcoming health issues, improving confidence and increasing general health! 

Week in and week out, Andy still puts the Boxercise gloves on to teach/coach children as young as 5 through to teenagers, busy professionals, professional sports teams, amateur athletes, new mums and senior citizens. In fact the oldest Boxercise participant to date is 85!
What People Say About Boxercise

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